Software testing is a very important practice performed by many enterprises to ensure that the developed business applications are functioning as expected by meeting the requirements. Generally, this testing is performed in two ways — manual testing and automation testing. …

What is Mobile Testing?

This guide will explain the basics of testing mobile applications. This guide will discuss the importance of mobile testing and key types. We will also talk about considerations and best practices.

What’s Mobile Application Testing?

Mobile testing is the process of testing mobile applications for usability, functionality, and performance.

Mobile application testing is either…

User Acceptance Testing is a critical step in the System Development Life Cycle. It is still a mystery for some, and an absolute failure for others.

All you think you know about UAT is wrong

  • UAT is often confused with Bug Hunting or System Testing for the majority of the time.
  • It is important to realize that User Acceptance…

Serena Gray

I work as a Senior Testing Specialist at TestingXperts. I am a testing professional accustomed to working in a complex, project-based environment.

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