When automation testing is discussed, selenium is the first tool that testers think of. It is an open-source, free and reliable tool that automates web application testing. Automation testing can be challenging, just as with other tools. Let’s take a look at some of these challenges.

What is selenium automation?

Selenium automation testing uses the selenium framework to automate the test. Selenium, an open-source tool for automating web application tests, is called Selenium. Selenium is more than a tool. It is a collection of software components that contain selenium IDE and grid.

Selenium 4 Beta 5 is the latest version…

User Acceptance Testing is a critical step in the System Development Life Cycle. It is still a mystery for some, and an absolute failure for others.

All you think you know about UAT is wrong

  • UAT is often confused with Bug Hunting or System Testing for the majority of the time.
  • It is important to realize that User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is a type o system and business objective validation. This is done by end-users and then signed off by project owners.
  • User Acceptance Testing’s purpose is to validate the use cases. This is a test of specific daily operations in an end user’s life and their ability to…

Regression is a problem in the software industry. Regression is when you solve a problem and then discover new problems that have been created by an update. Regression has become a bigger problem with the rise of big data. The Intel Meltdown/Spectre issue at the start of the year is something that we all recall. The attempts by Intel and AMD to fix the problems ended in disaster.

This common problem can be solved by regression testing. What is regression testing? How can it benefit your business? Continue reading to find out more.

Software testing

Let’s start by looking at the two…

This basic testing is designed to identify the bugs that are obvious and can be fixed immediately. You risk getting into an unnecessary and costly cycle where you have to describe the problem to the developers, who will then reproduce the problem, debug it and fix it before trying again.

These are the most important software testing steps that every software engineer must complete before submitting their work to anyone else.

Basic functionality testing

Start by making sure every button on every screen is working. It is also important to make sure that the software can be used to enter…

Unit testing is software testing that involves the testing of individual units in source code to determine if they can be used. It is, in other words, the smallest component that can be tested. Because it is small, it is simple to design, implement, record, and analyse the test results. Unit testing is used to verify that each component of the program is functioning correctly. This is one of the most popular techniques for detecting maximum bugs.

It also offers many benefits such as tracking bugs, simplifying integration, and facilitating change.

Agile Process

Unit testing is a way to make…

User acceptance testing is the final section of any software testing process. This process, which is often overlooked and considered time-consuming, helps improve software quality and acceptance rates for newly implemented software (or iterations). What can you do to benefit from this type of testing for your project? How does end-user testing excel and increase development quality?

User acceptance testing (UAT) is essentially a process to verify that a new or improved solution works for the user. Although it is done at the end of software implementation, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t important or can be skipped.

Why is user acceptance testing still so important?

Would you…

After months of hard work, you are ready to launch a new feature in your app. You are ready to go. The development is completed. Marketing is in the queue.

Do you know what your users think of this add-on before you give it the go? Is there anything that could cause churn? Is this new feature reliable?

You can gain insight from testing to help you make a launch successful and, more importantly, save yourself from making a poor business decision.

This article explains alpha and beta testing. It will help you to understand their purpose, pros, and cons…

Advancements in agile culture and methods over the last decade exposed the need for a more holistic solution to the end-to-end software delivery lifecycle.

What are the phases of DevOps maturity?

There are lots of stages to DevOps maturity; here are a few of the major phases you need to understand.

Waterfall development

Before continuous integration, development teams will write a bunch of code for three to four months. Afterward, those groups would merge their code in order to release it. The different versions of code would be so different and have numerous changes that the actual integration measure could…

Nowadays, organizations are constantly searching for ways to keep up with the rapid pace of changing technology and evolving markets. When the name of the game is rate, development teams need to be far nimble and flexible than previously.

What’s Agile methodology?

The Agile methodology was created by a group of software developers who desired a better approach to the traditional development process, which they discovered to be too complicated and weighed down by documentation requirements.

Values of Agile

  • People and interactions over procedures and tools.
  • Working applications over comprehensive documentation.
  • Customer cooperation over contract negotiation.
  • Responding to Modify over…

UAT is when we conduct a test to find out if a software product meets the business demands. It is the last stage of software development before moving on to production. The end-user will verify a software system before launching the software. It affirms whether the solution works accurately for the user or not.

UAT makes sure that the system doesn’t crash and fulfils the documented requirements. On the other hand, UAT ensures the software system is functioning as per the company’s requirements. The system is assessed in real-life situations from the external user point of view. …

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