Serena Gray

Nov 19, 2021

2 min read

Automation Testing, Benefits & Tools

Software testing is a very important practice performed by many enterprises to ensure that the developed business applications are functioning as expected by meeting the requirements. Generally, this testing is performed in two ways — manual testing and automation testing. Testing was boring and time taking with manual testing methods; but now, with automation testing, test engineers can experience faster and easier testing methods.

What is Automation Testing?

Automation testing is the testing technique performed by using automation tools. This testing approach helps in comparing the actual and expected outcome. It is a completely automated platform and it effectively helps the teams in many ways.

Benefits with Automation Testing:

• Reduces manual effort

• Increases test coverage and speed up test execution

• Decreases execution time

• Helps in testing multiple websites

• Reduces business expenditure

• Saves time and money

• Enhances the Accuracy

• Assures the reusability of the test suites, etc.

Steps to get started with Test Automation :

Determine Required Goals:

In this step, teams have to define their requirements and goals. Since everything cannot be automated, the needful and required test cases have to be determined at the earliest to automate.

Plan for a test approach:

In this step, teams have to decide and finalize the testing approaches, determine the roles and responsibilities of the teams.

Select the Automation Framework:

Choose the required automation framework that helps in achieving better results for your application.

Choose the automation tool: In this step, teams have to choose the right testing tool that supports the programming languages, testing environments, etc.

Design to run the test cases: After choosing the right automation framework and automation tool, the next step is designing and running the test cases.

Maintenance of test cases: The test cases have to be maintained. This will help to do optimizing and categorizing them for defining the test automation purpose.

A few top Test Automation Tools include:

• Selenium

• TestComplete

• Ranorex

• Watir

• Tricentis Tosca

• Appium

• Katalon Studio

Test Automation tools are having a huge role in testing applications. They help to increase the effectiveness and quality of the applications by enhancing the test coverage, execution speed, etc. Leverage automation testing services from next-gen QA testing services provider for delivering applications with speed.