Serena Gray

May 6, 2021

2 min read

Best Software Testing Trends To Follow In 2021

Now we know predicting the future is nearly impossible and 2020 has taught that pretty well. However, looking ahead with renewed optimism, we’re anticipating the most crucial software testing trends for 2021.

Here are a few software testing trends that will rule 2021:

Agile & DevOps

Organizations have adopted Agile as a means to rapidly changing requirements and DevOps as a need to fulfil the demand for speed.

DevOps entails practices, rules, processes, and resources that help to integrate operation and development activities to decrease the time from development to operations. DevOps has become a widely accepted solution for organizations that are looking at methods to shorten the applications’ lifecycles from development to operation and delivery.

The adoption of both Agile and DevOps helps the teams to develop and produce quality applications faster, which in turn can be known as "Quality of Speed”. This adoption has gained much attention over the past five decades and continues to intensify in the coming years too.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for Automation

It’s projected that AI usage will continue to grow in only about each facet of innovative technology because of the rising number of programs we use on our interconnected planet.

We’ll expect to see apps of Artificial Intelligence in more testing zones — most of which will apply to reports and analytics:

Test Suite Optimization: Determine and remove redundant and unnecessary test cases.

Defect Analytics: Detect program areas and defects that connect to business risks.

Predictive Analytics: Estimate key parameters and specifications of end-customer’s behaviours and find app areas to concentrate on.

API & Services Test Automation

Decoupling the server and client is a current fad in designing both Internet and mobile programs.

API and providers are reused in more than one application or component. These changes, in turn, need the groups to test API and services independent from the application using them.

When API and solutions are utilized across client components and applications, testing them is more efficient and effective than testing the customer. The tendency is that the need for API and provider evaluation automation continues to rise, possibly outpacing the performance used by the end-users on user interfaces.

Having the right procedure, solution, and tool for API automation evaluation is more critical than ever. Because of this, it is worth your effort in learning the best API Testing Tools for your testing jobs.