Five Website Accessibility Checkers You Need Today

Applications have become essential for many enterprises, as they help in reaching a wide range of users. But, how to justify the applications are accessible for all users including the ones having cognitive, physical, auditory, and visual problems? Web Accessibility testing is the standard testing practice helping enterprises to validate and maintain accessible applications for users.

Whether it is a small or large enterprise, maintaining accessibility standards will ensure in protecting the brand and enhance the business. To ensure accessibility testing is performed efficiently, enterprises should use tools so that every accessibility issue and problems related to accessibility standards are identified much before the application’s production.

5 Web Accessibility Testing tools AChecker:

This is a web accessibility evaluation tool and it helps the content developers and application developers to make sure that the content available on the web page is accessible for all users. The tool helps in checking every HTML page by considering accessibility standards.

A11y Color Contrast Accessibility Validator: This is a free compliance tool that follows the guidelines of WCAG to identify the issues related to color contrast in webpages.

SortSite: This web accessibility testing tool is available for both web and desktop applications. With this accessibility checker, teams can identify the issues related to CSS standards, broken links, etc. Also, it provides the feature to test the accessibility of the entire website and individual web page.

WAVE: This is popularly known for its suite of tools and it is in-demand for many years because of its full features and easy access. It provides a visual representation of accessibility issues to help teams to evaluate every defect in the web page.

TTota11y: This web accessibility testing tool can decrease the issues related to accessibility by visualizing defects of each web page with assistive technologies. This is an easy tool to easily identify the defects and ensure all accessibility errors are resolved. Web accessibility is no more optional.

It is a major need for every enterprise to make the website more usable and accessible in various situations such as across devices, function-able in every realistic condition, for every user, etc. Leverage web accessibility testing services from next-gen QA testing service provider to make your application accessible for every user in every condition.



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