Serena Gray

Sep 22, 2021

3 min read

Performance Testing Tools Trending In 2022

Non-functional testing such as performance testing, is used to test how applications will perform under load. These tests focus on speed, stability, as well as scalability. A wide variety of tests can be conducted by the right performance testing service. Learn about the various types of performance tests and which tools are most popular in 2022.

Types Of Performance Tests

  • Stress Test — Extreme workload is used to determine the point at which an app will crash.
  • Spike testing : This involves rapidly changing the workload and watching the application’s reaction.
  • Endurance Test : This is where the application is exposed to the expected workload for an extended period of time in order to determine how well it can cope with it.
  • Scalability Test : This is a test that involves increasing the workload in order to determine how quickly the software can scale.
  • Volume Testing: This is where large amounts of data are fed to the software’s database in order to test its data processing abilities.

Best Performance Testing Tools

These are the top 9 performance-testing tools that will be used by performance testing companies in 2022. Their key features are:


This enterprise-scale load test tool can create reliable and real-life load scenarios even in the most complex systems. Smart analytics give you detailed performance insights. It supports hundreds of technologies and has built-in support. The tool can also be integrated with other tools for easier monitoring.


LoadNinja makes it possible to create scriptless load tests. Performance testing services prefer it because it reduces testing times by half. It also allows for the replacement of load emulators by real browsers, and generates actionable metrics.


LoadView also has a wide range of popularity for performance testing services. LoadView is a fully-managed, on-demand load testing and stress-testing tool. This tool is unique in that it is tested in real browsers. It is a close simulation of real users with highly accurate data. It’s fully cloud-based, and can be deployed quickly in just minutes. You can create multi-step scripts that simulate user interaction with your website or application.


StresStimulus has a great reputation among performance testing services as it can handle scenarios that are difficult to test with other tools. It automatically corrects playback errors by using its autocorrelation feature. It records user actions and replays them to simulate changing usage patterns. It tracks load impact on software responsiveness and server infrastructure. It also provides detailed performance metrics and can detect hidden concurrency issues.

Apache JMeter

JMeter, an open-source performance test tool for load and performance testing, is very popular. It can analyse and measure performance of many software applications, including servers and networks. It is used primarily to test the load of different web service applications. can be used to perform performance testing services. It is a great alternative to JMeter. With its Recorder, the tool allows you to create a simple script-free test environment. It generates test reports and features such as automatic test criteria assessment, trend analysis and comparison analysis.

Rational performance tester

Rational Performance Tester by IBM allows you to run and create performance tests. It can also be used as a powerful analysis tool. This tool can be used to test the stability and scalability before web-based applications are deployed. This automated performance testing tool creates a demonstration of the transaction between the web service, the user.