Regression Testing: Why You Should Incorporate It Into Your Quality Assurance Process

What are the benefits of using Regression Tests?

The aim to perform Regression Testing will be to find out the effect of code changes on any defects or issues to the existing functionality. There is a myriad of changes that could alter the functionality that is already in the application. The smallest alteration to the code could affect functionality that was previously tested.

When is the best time to use regression Tests?

Regression Testing should be conducted when code changes occur to a previously tested application in the later stages of development, or when making changes or improvements. When performing Regression Testing there are no new test cases aren’t created but previously-created tests are executed to ensure that previously tested functions continue to function as they should. Regression Testing is a method to verify the system in a timely method through the test suite which focuses on vital and well-known features.

Regression Test Plans

The Regression Test Plan helps triage a large number of tests by delineating the areas that need attention as well as the priority and plan to test execution. It should be designed by incorporating the inputs of as well as the developer who is the primary as well as the client. The client will be able to tell the developer what features are most noticeable and crucial to their users.

  1. New features are announced
  2. Problems or defects are resolved
  3. Database changes occur
  4. Performance issues are addressed


Regression Testing services UK help in ensuring that the application is working properly and the previously fixed defects weren’t reinstated when new features were introduced. With several build cycles throughout the life of development, Regression Testing ensured that when new components were added and time and effort were not wasted due to unknown impacts and that the process was constantly moving forward.



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Serena Gray

Serena Gray

I work as a Senior Testing Specialist at TestingXperts. I am a testing professional accustomed to working in a complex, project-based environment.