Top penetration testing companies in UK

Serena Gray
4 min readOct 23, 2023

In today’s global business scenario wherein a humungous amount of crucial information is shared by businesses, it becomes obvious to come up with a viable security testing strategy. Penetration testing is one of the important types of security testing that ensures vulnerabilities are exploited and tackled effectively. Organizations adopt the platform of penetration testing to strengthen their security mechanisms and make it more robust. In this article, you will get to know about the top penetration testing companies in UK.:

Following are the top penetration testing companies in the UK:

1. TestingXperts: It has been globally recognized as one of the leading software testing services providers. It is certified, qualified and expert in providing strategic, result-oriented and client-specific software testing solutions that ultimately create a win-win situation. It has worked with varied industries such as banking and financial services, insurance, manufacturing, edutech, automotive, retail, telecom etc and is working with many more industries such as Airlines, healthcare, energy, automotive etc.

TestingXperts is also specialized in providing time-tested, foolproof, methodical and project-specific penetration testing solutions. It has the specific resources to provide insightful information about the tools, techniques and infrastructure required to carry out pen testing successfully, rewardingly and profitably.

TestingXperts highlights:

  • Featured in the 2023 Gartner market guide for application testing services
  • Globally positioned as a professional and certified software testing services provider
  • Winner of many acclaimed awards related to software testing (Visit website for more details)
  • A skilled team of Certified Ethical Hackers (CEHs) that can wisely and pragmatically deal with all the security related challenges of the client and provide comprehensive solutions
  • A highly experienced management team capable of solving almost all the software testing specific challenges by tactically working on the macro and micro aspects from an industry perspective
  • Utmost dedication to timely deliveries thereby ensuring that clients are 100% satisfied with our quality and commitment towards work coupled with meeting precisely with client specific requirements.

2. JUMPSEC: It is a UK-based firm that specializes in providing ethical hacking and software testing solutions. It helps businesses by providing comprehensive penetration solutions that can in turn help in protecting against cyber threats. Based on the risk profile of the company JUMPSEC can provide a tactical penetration testing roadmap.

JUMPSEC highlights:

  • It provides expert cyber strategy and transform consultancy services
  • The right tools to successfully implement penetration testing methods
  • A competent team that has an in-depth understanding of how penetration testing works.

3. Intruder: It is focused on solving information overload crisis in vulnerability management. It ensures to simplify the penetration testing process and also provides feasible security solutions. It can effectively find cybersecurity weaknesses in a business’s digital infrastructure so that high-cost data breaches can be avoided.

Intruder Highlights:

  • Whenever new threats are detected, it can automatically scan the systems
  • It can easily integrate with Jira, API, Google Cloud, Azure, AWS etc.
  • It also provides enterprise-grade scanning technology.

4. ThreatSpike: It specializes in offering high-quality penetration testing services and provides it at a fixed price. It is also specialized in providing red team assessments, which basically require a high-end implementation scenario and niche experts who can carry out the process seamlessly. Internet-facing infrastructure and applications can be easily reviewed by the organization.

ThreatSpike Highlights:

  • It can conduct internal and external infrastructure testing
  • It provides detailed finding reports
  • It is specialized in providing both manual and automated testing.

5. Dhound: It is a leading cybersecurity testing company specialized in providing web application penetration testing solutions. Dhound conducts its work in line with the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) and testing execution standards. Security related risks and measures can be properly assessed through the security assessment framework. It can easily identify security threats to sensitive data and offer potential solutions and recommendations.

Dhound Highlights:

  • Secure and compliant pen testing solutions
  • Focused on a comprehensive delivery approach
  • Business risks of discovered vulnerabilities are easily assessed.

6. CyberQ Group: It has a dedicated team of business professionals and cyber experts that can competently and tactically solve all the security related challenges of an organization. It provides a range of security related services to help businesses protect and secure their applications and systems in a robust manner. A breach is prevented by identifying data on the surface of the web.

CyberQ Group Highlights:

  • It provides Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)
  • It provides mobile security and network security solutions
  • It also provides effective solutions related to data audit and data breach prevention.

7. Logically Secure: It provides customized penetration testing solutions to businesses in the UK. The organization is also specialized in offering incident response, training, digital forensics, consultancy services and red teaming solutions. It has a professional team of testers who are devoted to serving their customers by providing intelligent and market-friendly security testing solutions.

Logically Secure Highlights:

  • It provides bespoke IT penetration testing solutions for mobile apps, web applications, networks and wireless infrastructure
  • Individual requirements are properly scrutinized and noteworthy testing solutions are provided
  • Devoted to provide client specific cybersecurity solutions.

Conclusion: If you are looking forward to implementing penetration testing for your specific project, then do visit online a top-notch software testing services company that will provide professional support and an effective testing roadmap in line with your project specific needs.



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